ALL'N ONE Conception

Liya All entered the wedding sector in 2018. She is an innovative wedding venue preparing for its 4’th year. Liya is settled in a 3 acres of seafront land at the southern side of Sedef Island, the smallest residential island of Marmara.

Weddings are carried out with Liya’s "All'N One" system which responds to all the needs of our couples. A total of 36 different services such as After Party, Dance course, LCV reporting are included in the All'N One system, along with the most essential needs such as Organization, Decoration, Music, Photography, as well as other important needs such as Makeup, Invitation, Accommodation, Live Music, Transportation. Since all the services are carried out by Liya, our couples will not have to devote extra funds and time to them with different vendors. To recap, it's not quite right to call Liya All just a wedding venue.

There is no other example of Liya’s All’N One wedding system in the World.

Guests are free to choose the main course from Liya’s A'la Carte wedding menu with meat, fish, and vegan options. These orders are taken from the guests themselves at the table during the meal, such as in a restaurant by the sea.

While larger numbers of people could be accepted, a maximum of 350 guests is limited due to Liya’s natural landscape created inside. Only one organization is held on the same day, and about 75 staff take part in it.
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Sedef Adası
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